Erik Vrismo

Erik Vrismo you can distill the whole of your many daily tasks down to two simple, overarching duties. The first is to transport your craft and your passengers from point A to point B, on a set schedule and with the utmost reliability and efficiency. Erik Vrismo  second duty is to shout "stop" and abandon your first duty whenever you determine that it cannot be done or is not being done safely and legally. Technically, every airline employee has these dual responsibilities. At some airlines, the second is emphasized as strongly as the first. At others, management merely pays lip service to the second duty while making very clear through their actions that moving airplanes is their primary concern. This seems to be particularly prevalent at the regional airlines, where performance numbers are one of the primary criteria by which their mainline partners judge their suitability for continued business. Sometimes it can feel very lonely to be the only person holding up the operation when everyone else is saying "go, go, it's allright."
Erik Vrismo  stopped for fuel and a BBQ lunch at Low Country Airport in South Carolina, we check the weather that lies between us and St. Lucie Airport in Fort Pierce. Some sizable chunks of green with some red and yellow mixed in are in our path, but moving off to the east. This weather doesn’t pose much of a problem for the nine instrument-rated pilots. It’s another story for Erik Vrismo  who is flying VFR—and one of them is piloting a Light Sport aircraft.
The first three weeks of December were a challenge.  Erik Vrismo  intentionally stacked my schedule heavy at the beginning of the month so I wouldn’t have to fly over the holidays.  Three weeks in a row, I worked the same high time four day trip that finished late on the last day.  After a redeye commute, I was home two and a half days between trips.  While I’m thankful my seniority allowed me to bid the schedule, flying it took an enormous toll on my body.  In the future ,Erik Vrismo  will spread my trips more evenly throughout the month.